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Conversations Among the Cacti 2024

Workshops & Wellness

2024 Retreat Topics

Mastering the Art of Concise Communication
Maximizing Buyer Engagement in a Limited Time
Conversations Unplugged
Real Estate and Public Policy
Echoes Across the Canyons:
Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Strength Among the Saguaros
Teaching and Leading with Your Strengths
Agave Alliances (Roundtable)
Fostering Partnerships and Collaboration
This is a retreat where trainers, education directors, and pros can relax, learn, and connect. It’s a great chance to swap stories, learn new teaching tips, and build your network in a fun, laid-back setting.
We lined up an awesome welcome dinner with a private chef, access to Saguaro National Park, guided meditation, a relaxing sound bath, and plenty of sunshine!